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International School of Barbering

We are a multi-national team of Barbers working together to provide the best, fastest, and most popular cutting techniques to your hands. Our school, based in both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Poland, is the destination for everyone looking to learn from the best and to be yourself. We aim to create a new generation of Barbers that will lead the market with the height of service standards.

Our main course takes you step by step to professionalism.

We call it the 6/2 system: 6 weeks training and 2 weeks live practice on the barber shop floor under our team supervisor.

The Course Plan:

Level 1: Theory (4 days a week/ 4 hours a day)

Level 2: Advanced (4 days a week/ 4 hours a day)

Level 3: Professional (4 days a week/ 4 hours a day)

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